Posted on April 8, 2013 by Luca Andriani

Can a bike erase everything that a car has done? Leo Burnett Lisbon decided to find out the answer to this challenging question with its new project CARMA for B-Bicycle Culture Magazine, a quarterly magazine about the passion for cycling. For this project, Rcicla Bicletas built a bicycle out of the scrap of a retired Mercedes hoping that the heavy karma of the car could be rebalanced by riding the same number of kilometres in a greener way: just by cycling. Everything started on a junkyard, where hundreds of old cars after a long life of burning fossil fuels, lay in wait  in piles of junk and steel. An old Mercedes was waiting for Vitor and Kiko, the founders of Rcicla Bicletas to sacrifice its body to compensate for its long dirty past. Taking apart the pieces of the car was true surgery where the two colleagues managed to recycle as many parts as possible; from the door handle to the rooftop upholstery, all the way to the engine sprocket and rear light reflectors. Continue Reading →