Posted on August 27, 2012 by Anna Torossi

We all know the masters of fashion photography, we can see their pictures in many magazines every month, but what about fashion illustration? Maybe because when I was younger I was kind of artistic, I was attracted by a big book called “100 Years of Fashion Illustration” and I was so lucky to have a friend giving it to me for Christmas. That’s how I discovered the art of David Downton. This illustrator work caught my attention with just one look at  the book cover, and then, once I got to know his drawings, he conquered my heart. What makes his work very special to me it’s that with a very minimalistic style he is able to catch and reproduce all the details that make a dress or one of his muses so special. In few words, he captures the essence of his subject. His drawings are always elegant and sophisticated, whether it’s a portrait or a fashion show report. I just can’t get enough of David Downton.

You can find his work at:


He also runs a blog for Vogue UK with his shows’ reports and some interviews:


Drawing above, Lily Cole.