Posted on October 22, 2013 by Isabella Cecconi

To die, to sleep. To sleep, perchance to Dream;  Hamlet- William Shakespeare

Diego Buongiorno, composer, producer, creator of The Bush. Diego Buongiorno, live performer of My Heart is a Forest. An innovative project where the viewer is led in a narrative path made of dreams, magic, pulsing beats. My Heart is a Forest is Buongiorno’s experimental and live novel, a tale where the unwritten and the unsaid becomes the creative process itself. The spectator listens and lives the scene with no boundaries. The imaginary meets fairytales where a northern atmosphere is linked to the tones of a forest, from light to dark, from dusk to dawn. More than 60 internationally known Artists​ have been involved in this project. Musicians, photographers, visual artists, illustrators, directors and designers, representing 18 different countries in this epic journey into music and contemporary art. My heart is a Forest is a complete and complex mise en scene, a beatbox of emotions where all the senses get woken up, and feel alive. The presence of videos, which roll the imagery, the stage choreography best embodied by the deeply compelling performance of its artists performing, transforms the show into a work of art. The center piece: a box with a real pulsing heart, generating energy. Sounds move throughout the stage in new and interesting ways. The overall effect, is a truly innovative experience, aesthetically interesting and rich in context. The overwhelming music, integrated to the visual and the spatial experience creates a platform for multimedia exploration.

Admittedly, you either love or hate this kind of works as there’s no middle ground, being the performance crazy-large and crazy-intimate to impress everyone equally. Being an earthquake of feelings, I got absolutely blown away. A must see.