Posted on January 7, 2013 by Marco Maggetto

I think we are sneakers addict. I also think I would love to wear something different next spring without looking like a stiffed man (with a Fedora hat on maybe, oh my gosh that is so 2011!) Yes I’m talking about casual shoes, about relaxed elegance and fresh feet. The Walnut moccasin by Doucal’s seems a perfectly correct option. The inspiration? Native Americans. The material? The softest skin on heart colored in apuana marrone, otter rosso, otter soleil and apuana testa di moro. The structure? It’s one piece of leather folded like the most meticulous of the origami. Doucal’s is an Italian company nestled in Montegranaro- Marche. This region, known around the world as Italy’s heart of production for handcrafted excellence of glamorous footwear, is where the Giannini family originally founded the Doucal’s brand 40 years ago. Italian craftsmanship embracing the modern perspective we can wear without looking like a colonial man/ banker? Walnut, there we go.