Posted on August 27, 2012 by Marco Maggetto

To be a good model, you have to be beautiful. And sometimes is not even that. Who knows what it takes to be a goddess. It’s in the bones they say, it’s not even that I think. To emerge in a sea of no name fishes it’s difficult, sometimes impossible. For us, sons of the supermodels era, there were faces and bodies with a name. LindaNaiomiTatianaClaudiand on. For new generations, there is nothing more than untitled canvas. The few exceptions can be counted using the fingers of your hand.  It’s not bad nor good, it’s  just different. Agyness Deyn, marvellous Brit from Manchester, can be counted: people remember her name, people admire her “funny” looks and follow her. She is  not only a mannequin but a real IT girl, a clever one, someone who choose freely her lifestyle. She is a whole “personaggio Pirandelliano”, a complete world, a person that can play with her hair and globally raise sells of peroxide. No surprise then when  Aggy teamed up with DrMarten’s for a capsule collection. She has all the expertise and travelled eye to do it.  The result is enjoyable, ironic, unpretentious (like her). Do you like daisies? Do you like the 90ies? Did you miss those impossible DrMartens with platform that were sold at CadmenLock in 1994?  Have a look, you’re going to love it.