Posted on June 28, 2012 by Marco Maggetto

F.lli Cerruti Woolen Mill has been operating since 1881. Founded in Biella, a “smart” village strategically situated between Torino and Milano, this prestigious company has been producing extremely high quality fabrics for the best fashion designers. Famous all over the world for their workmanship and artisan perfection, F.lli Cerruti ventured in the field of haute couture, prét-a-porter, diffusion lines and perfumes from the 50ies till the 80ies always guaranteeing a certain standard of quality and creativeness. Nino Cerruti, who has been responsible for “ferrying” the company along those years, is still guiding the family business with verve and devotion. A sparkling mind, a man always in search for new frontiers, Cerruti had organized “La tradizione, il valore, il bello”,  a significant exhibition  that was showed during White Milano Show, June 23rd-25th. 

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