Posted on September 30, 2013 by Editorial Staff

An unique designer. One of the few contemporaries that can make haute couture, really. Born in Rome but emigrated in Paris, his creations are undoubtedly romantic but modern at the same time. If there was a princess, a real one, she would wear a Valli to go to her debutante’s ball. And here comes the book, Gianbattista Valli edited by Rizzoli. It was not done to celebrate anything and nothing, no anniversaries nor museum spectacular exhibitions. This book is just a sincere view from the backstage, a sip of the process that lead to Giambattista’s beauty and his way of creating that beauty. Written by himself, Lee Radzwill, John Galliano and Pamela Goblin with an introduction by  artist Francesco Clemente, the volume includes booklets with details of Valli’s lushly complex fabrics and clothing. A dreamy must have book.