Posted on November 27, 2012 by Marco Maggetto

Oh Italians, they are such adventurous fellows. They may be very boring travelers but for sure, they are flamboyant immigrants.  They may not speak a word of any foreign language but for sure they are ready to risk. When the whatever country seems way much better than your own, what can you lose? Italians always want to live somewhere else, they are never satisfied. I think sometimes they get  to be good designers for this reasons, they are perfectionists always ready to relocate somewhere over Paris or North America. The most fashionable of all Italian immigrants arrived in New York in the 60’ies : he was named  Giorgio di Sant’Angelo, the son of a count from Florence.  Born in 1933, Di Sant’Angelo  was clearly an artist and despite  his degree in Architecture  he also studied industrial design and ceramics and attended a 6 months art course helded by someone called Pablo Picasso.  Under the encouragement of the Cubist co-founder, Di Sant’Angelo  created an animated cartoon and sent it to Walt Disney. Disney flew him to Hollywood to collaborate, but the young Italian guy was not able to speak a word of English and after 15 days in Los Angeles  he relocated to New York City in search for another adventure. As the cartoon field was a failure, Di Sant’Angelo started to work as a textile artist and interior designer making his name jumping from Z to A list in few months. Continue Reading →