Posted on September 3, 2012 by admin

The package, just unloaded by the courier. The unpacking, the arrive on the counter of our perfumery shop. Same old curiosity and excitement for novelties, season by season. Same old, same old. The 3 of  us eployees approaching the new coming in; this time it’s Guerlain make up for fall 2012. What a day we had. Above there were brand new “platines” to update the general tester, at the bottom were samples. The magic box was open. Just a rapid glance at it, and we are all getting enthusiastic! Horray, someone different! Against other houses trends, Dior and YSL on top,  Guerlain surprises everyone purposing the warm and harmonious tones of  bronze and  coral. The new series of two colour blushes (dark to carve, clear to illuminate) replaces in a excellent way those gone out of sell. Beautiful colours, soft dusts are points of strength of this collection  but I’m in love with it mainly for the new mat lipstick with gloss applicator. It has the consistence of velvet and the 24 hours long lasting we need to ambrace autumn. Mysterious, sensual:  lips get attention with such an intense colour palette. Calm tones are paired with young and amusing pinks and oranges, to be chic no matter the shade you choose, to be elegant as Guerlain always professes.

Photo: the up to dated counter.