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Call ‘em Icons, call ‘em slippers or loafers or pennys, as long as you call ‘em, just call ‘em!This very year, Gucci celebrates the iconic horsebit loafer’s 60th anniversary. It was 1953 when they came out for the very first time. This year’s collection for both men and women has about every color and every fabric imaginable: leather, suede, patent, python, crocodile, and velvet, camel, yellow, pink, red, blue and green. You can choose studs or raffia, animal print or flowers. The process of making leather shoes at Gucci is a beautiful one and held in high regard for an obvious reason. The craftspeople in Florence are the unique combination of experience, technology and a historical skill. What more could one want in an icon?

È primavera… svegliatevi bambine, alle cascine, messere Aprile fa il rubacuor. E a tarda sera, madonne fiorentine, quante forcine si troveranno sui prati in fior.(MATTINATA FIORENTINA- Rabbagliati 1941)

It’s spring … Wake up girls, to farms, sir April is a heart stealer. And late in the evening, Florentine Madonnas, how many hairpins will be found in blooming meadows…(FLORENTINE MORNING – Rabbagliati 1941)


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