Posted on December 20, 2012 by Isabella Cecconi

Julia Galdo and Cody Cloud’s photography is simply cool. JUCO photography is simply cool. I know this is not the best literary way to start an article on photography or to describe a photographer (or two photographers in this case), but what can I say? It is! Fine art photographers, irreverent and colorful. Galdo was raised in Miami and attended the San Francisco Art Institute, graduating in 2004. She is a fine art and editorial photographer now based in Los Angeles. Julia met Cody at the time of the Art Institute. Ever since, their work have been involving humans and their various environments, their love for photography is everywhere and you can feel it if you browse through JUCO’s portfolio which include fashion, personal, editorial and ad work. JUCO’s images involve humans and unique scenes (you can’t miss the colorful shot with parrots). Some of JUCO’s clients have been Good Vibrations,  Juxtapoz,  Nike, 7×7 magazine and many, many more. Galdo and Cloud’s quirky anthropomorphic compositions are an intricate sort of mise en scene, which seem to dare a unique and sometimes disquieting narrative power. They get out the conventional advertising photography,  snatching the moment, being sensual, provocative, exotic, surrealistic, sometimes sinister too. Their stories seem strange and mysterious, sexual and surrealist. Julia Gado and Cody Cloud are thus partners, a collaborative duo that met at The San Francisco Art Institue and has been working together since their first class assignments. The team is based in Los Angeles, CA and share a similar vision of the beauty of the world. So get started being mesmerized by their pictures and their magnificent  lightly-sensitive-iridescent- chromaticity!


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