Posted on July 19, 2012 by Teresa Cannata'

One of my first summer memories deals with the beach towels we used when I was a child. Some of them were old – striped, bright colours a bit faded – while a couple of them was brand new. I still have one – white, with a beautiful white horse running in the woods. I’ve used many beach towels after those, but the memory of long days spent on the beach and of coconut-scented sun lotion are still with me. I’ve recently turned to plain colours, but I can see people still like towels with kitsch-y patterns, from the timeless summer sunset to a multitude of Hello Kitty faces. I know it’s hard to hit the beach with style, because it is one of the most un-elegant places par excellence, but keeping things simple can be useful. Forget the sunset towel and opt for a plain piece instead; if you can, splurging on a Hermès towel would be a good idea. 
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