Posted on June 6, 2012 by Hobart Fowlkes

Hyacinth is speechless.  She stands there in a daze.  It’s a Saturday like any other.  Earlier that morning she texted her fiancé, Hank, to welcome him home from his business trip to Hong Kong, knowing his phone would be on vibrate, but hoping they might get together later.  Hyacinth continued on her merry way browsing the stalls at a street fair in Little Italy, anxiously awaiting the loud “DING” from her iPhone. 

“Was that my phone?” suddenly thought Hyacinth as she was sure she heard the ding come out of her bag.  Yes Yes!!  A Text from Hank,

“Can’t get together today, but I have a really big surprise for you!  A big life changing surprise for you!” Continue Reading →