Posted on May 5, 2014 by Marco Maggetto

A positive reaction, a response. That’s what Parisian brand Jacquemus provoked. In general, that response is a smile, a happy and bright one because Jacquemus is stitched with good humor. Simon Porte Jacquemus is a guy the left his small city in the south of France and reached Paris with a dream: becoming a fashion designer. He is self-educated, he left fashion school after two months. Young and romantic, this candid guy has left a mark since his debut collection in 2013. His inspiration? It comes from his teenage naiveté, 90s style and “sometimes” grunge. Young Jacquemus wanted to create casual yet strong womenswear in memory of his mother and this the only note of melancholy. The rest is joy, simple things, freshness, reinvention. And when a designer declares something like this to describe one of its collection “I imagined the story of a lonely woman, tired of men, who’d dedicated her life to dogs” how could you possibly not fall in love with him? If fashion needs a new consciousness and some sincerity, not only a new perfectly targeted tweet, the example of Jacquemus is a good start.