Posted on October 25, 2012 by Arianna Pistorello

Inspired from the ancient ritual called Saho, the Japanese tea ceremony that sets rules for an unforgettable guests entertainment, Kanebo creates¬† a real cleaning protocol to be used everyday. After many years in the perfumery branch, I never had the opportunity to try the double cleaning made by this exclusive and prestigious brand. The occasion? The presence of the Kanebo expert at the shop for an entire week. Amazing experience, after trying it, ¬† I have decided that this is my favourite cleaning routine. The only luxury process that becomes necessity. During the week, I received two samples: a product phase one, it could be a milk, a cream, a gel or an oil. These can be chosen according to skin type but favoring the search for a sensation. This phase is used to “strip” the skin from all impurities such as sebum, smog which is deposited on our skin during the day. This is followed by a phase two which is used to “wash” the skin and carries out a micro-exfoliation. This process makes the skin smoother in a few days. Brighter and ready to receive any kind of treatments, face gets illuminated and refreshed. Kanebo two steps is also great for the man, the only recommendation is to use very little product, because it is extremely concentrated. Cleaning is only Kanebo, the rest is cleansing.