Posted on July 17, 2013 by Kimberly L. Bryant

Introduction to our new column “Arts & Aboard”

Kimberly L Bryant is a visual artist traveling around Europe and Africa. Arts & Abroad is her column for The Harlow. Kimberly was born in Canada 29 years ago and she is in love with visual language, colors, sounds and sights on offer around the world. 

Arriving at 5am in the village of Nantwala, Buikwe District, Central Uganda, after twelve hours in transit from Europe is a shock to the senses. Stumbling blurrily into the bedroom, I unfurl my tired body on the mattress, outfitted with a pink mosquito net, to sleep. In the weeks following, the outgoing children and their families engage candidly with me, welcoming me into their homes. Students at one of the local schools sit on wooden benches listening to their teachers as sun streams into the open-air classrooms. Most of the village is without power or plumbing; food is cooked atop fiery hot coals, early days start upon sunrise… Late-night chatter goes on long after the sun drops back while fireflies sparkle against the darkened backdrop of vast fields, mirroring the multitude of stars above.

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