Posted on March 11, 2014 by Marco Maggetto

kolor japanese brand

I said once, I will say twice. Black is out and white is in, again. And for those who remember the day they get their first holy communion, just focus on that date. You were hopefully happy on that late spring day wearing nothing but a white tunic, while your girlfriends were like little brides. The sun was shining and reflecting all that brightness, someone was shooting some late seventies Polaroids. Your mother’s favorite restaurant was strangely festive and some special tablecloths were garnishing  location: off course, they were white and some little innocent flowers  were embroidered on them. Your grandmother also was called to collaborate by making some special bombonnières that, again, were white with some little flowers embroidered. Pure happy day that marked my life. It’s 2014 and my spring obsession is still that late 70ies white plus some flowers. The perfect synopsis? This SS 2014 Kolor’s ensamble. Simply perfect to get a happy spring and discover some inner purity.

Kolor’s is a Japanese brand designed by Junichi Abe. It was launched in 2004.