Posted on May 14, 2012 by Marco Maggetto

Getting ready for the beach is an uncertain science. One day you wake up in summer and you realize that all you have done at the gym was chatting with your mates somewhere over the abs machine. Of course you were lifting some weights but you were also laughing and chatting a lot. Good for the humour but not for any waistline/pecs, where are they? All of us were thinking there was enough time but days had been passing faster than Madonna  in the top ten and here we are. Choosing a swimsuit had never been so desperate. So I’ve reacted in a mature way and decided that this year I won’t cry any bitter tears: I will go down the beach wearing a maxi bag. Easy, joyful, democratic and irresistible, the bag from Le Bac , United Bamboo’s beloved diffusion line, is my perfect beachwear. Lot to carry in and lot to hide by.