Posted on June 25, 2012 by Arianna Pistorello

Who among us has ever dreamt of leaving everything and go away? This is an extraordinary, romantic and brave story. About 30 years ago there was a beautiful german girl named Birgit Grein. Birgit was suffering from psoriasis and not even cortisone was able of curing her illness. Some doctors suggested  moving to a warmer country and between all the options she had, she chose St. Barthèlemy. A volcanic island, a pearl in the Caribbean sea, 25 square kilometers of earth, 22 beautiful beaches, numerous boutiques.  In the evening the whole island is caressed by a sweet tropical breeze and anywhere the local music is mixing wiith the perfume of vanilla and spices. Easily the northern girl found her paradise there. One morning her “Vespa”  left her in trouble…what a fortune! The guy that stopped for help was Hervè Brin, a native of the island. Friendship came naturally: Birgit soon told him about her illness and the reason why she had moved to St. Barth. By coincidence Hervè’s grandmother was an Indian Harawak ( a population established in the island in the 17th century), she was a woman that used herbs as medical cure.
Birgit met the famous grandmother and recovered from psoriasi : enthusiast about it, she started sharing her secret with her friends. Hervè and Brigit fell in love and started working together on the production of this portentous oil which soon made them famous.  In 1983 the couple opened a small boutique,  very close to the airport. The very first cosmetic products of La Ligne St. Barth were there sold. The success was so big that in 1993 the distribution started in Europe and Usa. Continue Reading →