Posted on July 23, 2012 by Luca Andriani

When I first saw this Cuban artist’s work, I’m talking about Liset Castillo, born in 1974, I got very impressed. I’d say I got petrified! Human Studies is the name of a body of work, created in 2010. I think the best way to explain his art is to use his own words without any other comment: “In my new body of work, “Human Studies,” from 2010, I subvert notions of enduring beauty with life-size images of women sculpted in a labor-intensive process out of sand, which I then photographed before destroying them. I create life-size sand sculptures of models typically found in high-gloss fashion magazines, photograph the works in sand and then I destroy them as a commentary on the ephemeral nature of beauty, America’s obsession with youth culture and decay. Continue Reading →