Posted on March 7, 2013 by admin

There are two kinds of piano duet, “…those for two players at one instrument, and those in which each of the two pianists has an instrument to him- or herself…”. In this case, there’s one instrument, but there’s a precious ability to play as if there were two. Four hands, two hearts, this is Mad Emoiselle Sarambade. The Florentine duo met at age 10, when the girls were just piano students. Since then, the repertory has grown larger and larger. Both modest, but extremely talented and crafty, Carlotta and Elettra are a duo of notable composers and instrument virtuoso. They are responsible for the revival of interest in private parties with a piano concert, the four-hand performance, an art which began in the eighteenth century and flourished in the Romantic era, the nineteenth century. Nowadays piano duet concerts are an intriguing way of leisure and art, where music meets skilled players and the atmosphere gets sparkling. Fancy some Gershwin or Debussy? Liszt or Mozart? Oh well, get ready to listen to Mad Emoiselle Sarambade!

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