Posted on January 21, 2013 by admin

Malbogen is a project by  Judith Drews and Kristina Brasseler. Illustrators from Berlin’s Atelier Flora, they founded a website of coloring in sheets designed by renowned illustrators that have been available as free downloads. A delight to kids and adults around the world, with over 100 motifs to choose from, the project is finally developing into paper. Republic, a print and publishing company,  has recently released their first print version available as a 24-page book in A4 format, or a graphic portfolio with 12 images in A3. The prints were made using a Risograph, which provides particularly vibrant colors, on selected papers. Created for all kids that love coloring in and parents in search of an alternative to the classics, the book comes as a recommendation to those who like to combine a designer purchase with supporting a good cause. A donation from each copy sold will be made to the ‘Save the Children’ charity.