Posted on April 24, 2013 by Marco Maggetto

On my long journey they have been a significant presence. During my unstable youth and my moody cycles, with perpetual tides, they have been there. Life is a very surprising thing in terms of musical tastes. Today you like this, tomorrow you like that. Never say never. So I have been listening all, but them, they have been there for those special days, very close to my inner side. The pop (?) electronic duo Everything But The Girl, founded in 1982 in Hull England, have been experimenting all genres and have been inspired by country music, electronic, jazz. The band was not so cool in the eighties (was I the only fan?) but with the 90ies and a totally different approach they managed to reach masses. I remember  one night dancing  in my black vinyl non perspiring trousers. At one point “Missing” remixed by Todd Terry – was playing. Don’t get me wrong, it was a super alternative house club on the map with velvet rope and everything, it was a niche place (where niche stays for underground). So “Missing” was playing for the very first time and people was literally pulling out hair one to each other (here it means getting crazy). Lovely nice moment, everybody happy. One song,  how can I forget it?  The commercialization of Etbg was happening. Nothing wrong with that, the duo managed to reach a level of perfection during those years few band can be proud of.  Their Cd covers started to be arty and stylish, their image was neat and sub urban-minimal before anyone. Treacy, once an ugly duckling, started to put red lipstick and wearing young avant-garde designers while Ben was all in vintage shirts and sneakers. Always simple and unique, the Everythings had maybe done the “CD Cover” of the 90ies. Shooted by Marcelo Krasilcic in 1995 during a New York night Out  for the album “Walking Wounded”, the picture (above) is a memorable example of modernity and eternal cool. With its greys and reds predominating and in contrast, the cocktail dress and the sport jacket and high tones,  the “Walking Wounded” cover is still an example on how simplicity, realism and sincerity are best ingredients in creating an image. 17 years, still beautiful. Timeless.