Posted on August 20, 2012 by admin

After some years following the fashion shows, you start to see the connections, the influences. Off course you like outfits, you even fall desperately in love with some of them, but it is no easy to find really surprising clothes that have a conceptual point of view. Although sometimes it happens, that’s the magic of fashion: suddenly something changes your perception and it is able to open a window to another aesthetical world. That is exactly what I felt on 2010 when I first saw Mary Katrantzou collection for that winter.  It was so dramatic, so excessive, so beautiful. The colourful and unforgettable trompe l’oeil prints making garments very difficult to wear, models that seemed to be ornamental vases, the new baroc were evident and so modern. A real statement for a young designer being a woman herself. I’ve been very interested in her work after that collection, and finally, this summer the vest, from that 2010 collection, came to me. The real pieces are more intense than they seem to be on the catwalk or on the fashion editorials, they are beyond fashion, they are powerful. Mary Katrantzou is therefore, one of my favourites designers.