Posted on October 4, 2012 by Teresa Cannata'

Animal-inspired accessories have always had a special allure: whether humble (Hello Kitty collections) or luxurious (Cartier panther jewellery, anyone?), they have often become objects of desire. Their shapes are playful and bring childhood memories back, when animal-shaped objects ruled our world. Shoes, in particular, seem to be the favourite items to play with: Charlotte Olympia’s Kitty velvet flats have recently paved the way for the last generation of animal-inspired accessories. The slippers designed by Charlotte Dellal have quickly become a must-have for fashionistas, but other less-known designers have paid homage to animals. Minna Parikka, for example, is a Helsinki-based artist who has a very precise idea of what the function of shoes is: “They’re not just symbols of power but its Holy Grail.” Now, imagine a Holy Grail with rabbit ears and rejoice.
Angora is the name of these beautiful black pumps. I’ve fallen in love with them as soon as I saw a picture of them in the Instagram account of my friend Lantana (it was taken from Shoe-aholic magazine). 3cm platform and 12cm heel, leather lining and ponyskin vamp are the “technical” details, but the most notable element are the cute bunny ears that embellish the front. The same “ears” can be found in other pumps by the Finnish designer – Pfeiffer (9cm heels) and Cuniculus (7cm heels). Continue Reading →