Posted on August 21, 2013 by Editorial Staff

In 1930, Portuguese cousins Antonio and Mario Santiago founded Phebo in Belém, a city in the heart of the Amazon region. With the dream of creating a Brazilian soap of the finest international quality, the cousins delved deep into Brazils natural essences and created the perfect formula. Phebos famous oval, transparent, dark soap quickly became a staple in the homes of millions of Brazilians. The Santiago cousins created striking, original products that elevated Phebo to a nationally successful brand, cherished by generations. Today the Perfumery, with its wide range of sophisticated and innovative fragrances, is synonymous with luxury, glamour and fashion. The preciousness of their eaux de cologne is extraordinary. Eau de Citron is, for instance, a real embrace of agrumance and smoothness. Phebo’s eaux are perfect for every season and feeling. It is one of Brazil’s most venerable perfumery brands and it’s extremely rare to find outside SouthAmerica. 


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