Posted on January 28, 2014 by Luisa Fazio

Like a James Cook, like a Charles Linneo, like a John Laroche: Pantone Color Institute explores, classifies and hunts countless shades of color. This year, they have selected and categorized Radiant Orchid, an unique mixture of fuchsia, purple and pink. New Pantone’s color will imbues 2014 with all qualities that an orchid infuses and, for sure, we’ll have an exotic and beautiful year. Orchids are so stunning to upset those who stares at them, like a Stendhal syndrome! They are sensual, they are the sexiest flower par excellence. Word “orchid” comes from the Greek Orchis which means testicle. In many species a swelling of the root forms two oval bulbs. Creating elegance, Zen harmony and grace, they are airy flowers  detached from the ground, symbol of quietness and spiritual perfection but also a symbol of creativity and originality. Orchid is also a master of deception and transvestism  (ex. Orchis apifera). Its hairy lip is believed of some insects to be a female but it’s just a visual illusion. Male insects make love with an orchid unaware of the trick of reproduction, the only goal that really matters. Monkey Orchid (ex. Dracula simia and Orchis simia) simulates monkey’s face while Venus Slipper  has a swollen lip that allows seeing the tip of a slipper (Cypripedium calceolus). On fashion catwalks, instead, 18-3224 has already  blossomed and seduced:  make-up artists, interior designers, creatives in general. For both males and females, for me too. I’m going to put some sexy nail polish, and of course, it’s a Radiant Orchid one.