Posted on December 18, 2012 by admin

This is not a typical cut the ribbon as there’s not a real subject or inventor for this creation. But it’s always been charming, extremely earthy and totally youthful. Those wood handles with the alluring, strong leather amber-colored rope. The reddish cinnamon, those many skips those endless jumps. Whoever has been a kid has been skipping a rope, with friends, alone, at night, during the day. A lovely game, now a décor piece to most. No one knows who has invented the jump roping. Surely the Egyptians or the Chinese, somewhere around 1600b.c. . Egyptians would jump over vines, as a game. Rope skipping was taken to America by Dutch settlers during the 17th century and mainly performed by boys as the culture of the time did not encourage girls to be physically active. In the 19th century both boys and girls would play it as a game. Girls later invented different rhymes and rhythms and singing games for their popular activity. In the 40s and 50s, jump rope became tremendously popular, and many children in inner cities used it as a form of play as it only required a rope, and anyone could play. Basic jump with both feet and combination jumps and styles were practiced. Nowadays it’s a real sport and competition but we rather remember it as the rhymes would do: Raspberry, strawberry, apple jam tart! Tell me the name of your sweet sweet heart!