Posted on October 2, 2012 by Arianna Pistorello

Full time, hard work. My children to look after:  take them to school, take them home. Extracurricular activities and more. I’ m always in a hurry but at night I take my opportunity to do things that during the day I can barely imagine to do; studying, writing, and  sleeping hours are missing and fatigue is written in my eyes. During one of these crazy weeks, something amazing happened. An invitation, a date with a real man! My first thought is not for the dress to wear or the hair but for my ailing eyes. The next morning, a Saturday, I ran to my colleague who “delivers miracles and advices” shouting her:-  give me something to resurrect a  dead.  Without any hesitation she reaches the shell and takes out a jar of SKIN CAVIAR LUXE EYE LIFT CREAM. More firming than anti-wrinkle, intense lifting effect, deep moisturizing and overall flash beauty look. I apply it there, in the store, hoping for a miracle. My day begins; customers, advices, chat with habitues, a make up one after the other. Sometimes I look in the mirror: the effect of this cream is amazing hour after hour. In the evening, I don’t look like a person who worked 8 hours, but some girl that just got back from holidays. Closing time and I run home. It’s time to get ready for my evening. Dress, 12cms heel (my other passion), smoky eye!

With my car I reach to the appointment, he is already there waiting for me.  He approaches, kiss on my cheek and  “You’re beautiful, but did you go to work today?”.  I own a big favour to my colleague.