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Posted on June 5, 2013 by admin

Oh you must visit Rome! And ah! You can’t miss the Villa Borghese! Of course you can’t miss visiting France too…and the rest of the world maybe…By the way, this is Borghese by French designers Noé Duchaufour Lawance. This is by La Chance, the French design brand. It’s a light sofa inspired by the stone pines of the Villa Borghese in Rome. The structure is in metal and reproduces the network of green branches and cushions. The ensemble creates a restful and comfortable landscape. Enjoy your home villa!


Posted on November 2, 2012 by admin

The cold is coming, the light is fading, the coziness is arriving! Do you want to feel in paradise, floating on a cloud? This is delightful Nuvola9 (which means cloud in Italian), designed by Paola Navone and produced by Italian high quality brand Gervasoni is the proper answer. Both the lounge chair and the sofa have a solid wood frame, upholstered with differentiated density polyurethane foam, covered by a goose down and polyester fibre quilting, removable covers. Nuvola9 furnishes the space in simplicity and beauty, the fluffy contours, with high arms and deep seats, create a versatile appearance and the delicate cottons and linens adhere to its frame as though buoyed up by air. A welcoming retreat and a witty nudge towards the future.

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Posted on October 16, 2012 by admin

‘A contemporary and domestic interpretation of the deck chair’. I know some of you are against it, but I want summer back. As rain was pouring the other day, I started reading some design magazines and stumbled into this marvelous collection called The Bay. Made out of beech wood, this structure with cotton canvas mattress and cushions is called The Watching the ships roll in and truly is a domestic yet summerish interpretation of a deck chair. Parisian designer Marie Dessuant has realized this neat seat and stool as a personal interpretation of a seaside resort’s collective memory. Influenced by memories of salt crackling on the skin, and states of mind like the strange distance holidays, the chair is a simple and creative product. A daydream with an off season taste. Please note that Watching the ships roll in, is a limited edition so you better be ready and quick if you want to have it. I crave for it!

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