Posted on October 16, 2013 by Editorial Staff

It was presented during last Milan’s Fashion Week, at White. The name of Ludovica Amati, after her fashion show- performance, started to circulate between insiders like a tornado.  Not only because “Matronita” is a very well done collection but also for it’s strong conceptual content: the name is an homage to the mother of mothers and it’s a kabala term that means ‘the Divine inside a woman”. Amati, born in 1978, delivered  an ensamble of  clothes that are clearly designed for a radiant woman and her shades. A woman that is more centered on her soul and uses her clothes to illuminate her personality. In general, it’s the lightness of some pieces that marks a strike and her blacks: her blacks really conquered our heart and remember of some Japanese masterpieces designed somewhere around late eighties. Over sized jackets and coats, mantles inspired by Jewish orthodox wardrobe, simple and fluctuating dresses that are destined to be contemporary and romantic at the same time. Matronita is indeed a must see collection, maybe one of the most sincere and remarkable experiments in the Spring Summer 2014’s bunch and it introduces a designer to keep an eye on. It launches also a concept, the one of sacred femininity, that is incredibly actual and that we hope to find in more collections.

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