Posted on May 12, 2014 by Luisa Fazio

Uit uit uit uit! That’s the sweet music they make with their long forked tails. They are capable of speeding fast making precise trajectories or repetitive tumbles. They are emblem of freedom, they don’t tolerate slavery in a cage. Bearers of good time and good weather. Swallows have arrived announcing the “Milan’s Spring”! After snails between spiers of Milan’s Cathedral and frogs in the dock of Navigli, the Cracking Art Group, have installed “swallows nest” adding a piece to the “modern art that regenerates ancient and monumental art”. Swallows live close to men, building their nests under eaves roofs of houses. We, human beings, have received them as “roommates” that “chat” and flutter until dawn. Until June the 30th, the courtyards of the Castello Sforzesco will be populated by giant Hirundo rustica, and their eggs, sculpted in multi-colored plastic will show that the nesting period has begun. The purpose is to raise funds to restore the equestrian marble statue of Bernabò Visconti, symbol of the Castle. In return, a multiple swallow sculpture that deposits eggs will be symbol of the regenerative operation. It is recommended to leave a window open… it is said that if a swallow flies into the house, it brings all sort of happiness. Good luck!