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Posted on December 5, 2012 by admin

There’s a colorful range of  wellness teas or Russian blends or gifts or accessories in this nice looking boutique. I’m in a Kumsi tea shop. I have nothing to do and I’d rather choose one of these marvelous tea sets with muslin teabags that contains classic teas or flavored teas. Tins are everywhere. I want to buy a load! For 140 years, Kusmi Tea has been offering to gourmets the finest in high quality tea blends. Nowadays the tea brand offers unique Russian blends like Prince Wladimir tea, Anastasia or Saint Petersbourg tea, whose recipes are kept secret for more than a century, but also many traditional and flavored blends. There are also wellness teas like the Detox, the Be cool or the stimulating Boost. Tea connoisseur, and every tea lovers know Kumsi. The brand is ever since headquartered in Paris, and it’s ever since of great quality and hippness. There’s no way to pick a favourite in this shop as they’re all so unique, and it’s fun to pick something out to match the mood or the weather. Tea for two then?

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Posted on May 3, 2012 by Isabella Cecconi

Generally, tea is the reflection of culture and civilization. Its essence must be respected and adapted to local tastes and taken into account when getting the best out of it: climate, water, atmosphere and sensitivity to flavor.There is no battle between coffee and tea. There’s no winner, nor defeated. Sipping tea is like heart embracing, it’s like a reminder of travels, plantation, exotic flavors.Mariage Frères is France’s oldest House of Tea, and without doubt the most exclusive merchant in luxury teas. It’s a tea that embodies the most evanescent moment and places in life. With over 600 varieties of rare teas laid out in apothecary style, with hundreds of oversized black canisters lining the walls throughout the store, the company is a tempting assortment of tea-flavored and scented products.At Mariage Frères, tea is prepared according gold rules by tea sommeliers, according to wonderful frangrances, made up of all the many ebullient aromas escaping from the countless number of tea boxes. The scent of tea permeates everything. Mariage Frères is the most amazing teahouse in the world, it’s the place where you understand the difference between happiness and bliss, the place where you wish a moment could last forever because it strives for excellence in a quest of the finest harvest. Around the world, Mariage Frères represents the most refined qualities of the French art of living. French tea first saw the light almost three hundred years ago, during the royal court at Versailles. Continue Reading →