Posted on April 13, 2013 by Teresa Cannata'

I’ve always been fascinated by art and by some painting techniques. I’ve never been good at painting, but I love watercolours (so romantic) and trompe-l’oeils. In particular, I’m fond of the idea of illusion behind the latter: the eye of the beholder is deceived because what he/she is watching is not what it seems. Works of art like the spectacular oculus by Andrea Mantegna in the Camera degli Sposi at Palazzo Ducale in Mantua or the tomb of Rudolf Nureyev, covered by a mosaic carpet sculpture, show how art can imitate life so as to create an effect of “realer than real”.

Trompe-l’oeil has been used in fashion, too: Mary Katrantzou’s famous lampshade skirts are a good example, but the Greek designer is only one of those who have fallen for such a fascinating optical illusion. As a matter of fact, very interesting “birdcage” outfits can be found in the spring/summer 2013 collection by Thakoon.
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