Posted on October 12, 2012 by Marco Maggetto

Apparently getting older has its positive turn ons: you can write a memoir, you can trace your past, finally you have one. W Magazine celebrates its 40th birthday with this book we have already pre-ordered. We cannot miss it. True, W had been pushing too much lately. True we had been on and off with our subscription but  it’s 40 years of groundbreaking fashion stories, no matter if they caused a Steven Klein allergy on most of us. W has also very good qualities like its big size, its like velvet paper,  its pop character that never bores. This book then deserves to be on our shelves. I remember with immense pleasure unwrapping W Magazine and going straight to the last page. Oh The Countess Louise J.Esterhazy and her column called Last Laugh; it were closing with irony all that sex, all that gold, all that artifact world. What a better way to tell your readers, guys, don’t take it seriously? Is The Countess still writing for W? The First 40 Year is a book  divided into three sections—Who, Where, and Wow—supervised-edited by Stefano Tonchi and celebrating in full regalia 40 years of excesses good writing and great photographers. Do we need more from a book?