Posted on September 5, 2013 by Editorial Staff

Retailing is an Art  that British posses in their DNA, there is nothing you can do with that. No matter where you go, they do it better. Between classic web shops, many are Harlow’s favorites since 2000,  we’d like to introduce The Goodhood Store. Born in Hoxton, Shoreditch  in 2007 as a  self founded project devoted to well designed clothing collections and objects from around the world, the store follows a simple and neat policy. Independence, exclusivity and quality….and fun because TGS is also young and funny, sporty and extremely contemporary,  and off course never boring. In London or online you will find the best Indie brands but also a fantastic self produced line called Goods by Goodhood featuring amazing pillows and other simple and essential objects. The Goodhood has been nominated for the London Lifestyle Awards 2013. Pay a visit.


Photo Goodhood Team.