Posted on October 8, 2012 by Marco Maggetto

Who is the most playful of contemporary fashion photographers? Who is driving you into wonderland every time you surf the pages of a magazine? Who is delivering irony and intelligence without playing with the same old sex and nudity? Who is taking your hands and give you a tour of his contorted mind for free? Who is playing with proportions (I think Alice in Wonderland definitely left a mark on him) so you can feel vertigo? Who did the fabulous Vogue 2012 photo shooting styled by Grace Coddington at the Ritz (before its closure for maintenance) that saw Kate Moss placed like a statue above an immense chimney? Oh, she was so beautiful, so petite, so big at the same time. The nicest Moss’s photo shooting in years… and I never tough someone could make an outstanding work with her any longer. Not after her image is intoxicating us in every corner.But he did. Ladies and Gents, British photographer Tim Walker. Maybe the most visually exciting and influential of fashion photographers working today. Extravagant, grotesque, fabulous and from the 18th October on show at The Somerset House in London. The exhibition will be accompanied by a series of events and there will be the opportunity to see a series of films specially curated by Tim himself. The “Story Teller” won’t let you cold, I’m sure. The last of fashion photographers believing in “grandeur” and splendor needs to be seen. A reason more for jetting to London City this autumn.