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In 1929, cartoonist Georges Remi, who used the pen name Hergé, cut the ribbon by creating The Adventures of Tintin. The successful series of cartoon strips, was at the very beginning supplement to the Belgian newspaper LE XX SIECLE. The hero is Tintin a young Belgian reporter aided by his faithful Milou, a fox terrier god. Later, the cast included Captain Haddock, Professor Calculus, and Dupont and Dupont. Admired all over the world for its clean, expressive drawings, the strips had a variety of genres: adventurous, fantasy, humor, mystery, political satire, thriller and science fiction. After World War II, Hergé left his newspaper and accepted an invitation to continue The adventures of Tintin reaching the height of success in 1950, by creating Hergé Studios. Hergé died in 1983 leaving us his magnificent work and happiness, when asked who was to him Tintin he would answer: “Tintin is myself. He reflects the best and brightest in me; he is my successful double. I am not a hero. But like all 15-year-old boys, I dreamt of being one…and I have never stopped dreaming. Tintin has accomplished many things on my behalf.”

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