Posted on March 25, 2014 by Clara G

When I was a teenager  I could not wait to wear high heels. One day I found a way: low platform beach sandals, a pair of dark brown classic sandals that are still in my closet.
Beautiful and cool but I didn’t know how to use them out of the swimming pool and the beach. I asked for permission but my mother refused. They were totally made of plastic, so they were supposed to be uncomfortable, even unhealthy and difficult to walk in but for years and years I thought it was like that: plastic  shoes must be only used for water.
Until last week, exactly last week. I was in Brazil, in Sâo Paulo walking through the streets of that enormous, giddy, fascinating  city when I saw a strange shop  with mannequins directly placed on the street. Outfits displayed were so amazing that I decided to enter inside there where, surprise surprise, no clothes, just shoes, plastic shoes!! I saw beautiful pieces and I discovered that they were designed by Karl Lagerfeld, Gareth Pugh or Vivienne Weestwood! I was fascinated, I have never herd about MELISSA, although they seem to be an icon and not only in Brazil. It was easy to choose the golden boots you see pictured above: they are irreverent, funny and most important, since they are made of high quality PVC,  comfortable and perfectly usable. And there is also something important you can not see…they smell like candies!