Posted on September 4, 2012 by Marco Maggetto

There is something about the 90ies I will never get over:  girls’ relaxed attitude.  Preppies, Punks or Business Ladies had a common denominator:  the masculine wardrobe. After years in Easter Eggs paper dresses, the liberation came. Preppies  were wearing Oxford shirts by Ralph Lauren, punks were in boyfriend’s bondage trousers and motorbike jackets,  business ladies wore nothing but a tailleur. Easy like Sunday Morning , to quote Lionel, that was the attitude.  This beginning of  century saw, instead,  a return to the classic women’s wear and the death of comfort. The pendulum that comes and goes. Have a walk on a friday night and you will see foot bleeding  girls sitting on the streets crying like sealskins. Too much “production”? Up to you, but if you are not into “cocktail looks” 24hours a day, check out the Y’s collection in stores now. It’s another girl, another planet. It’s made for a woman that likes to be casual and free (and warm when possible). A woman that is not in the mainstream and doesn’t need to show her silhouette all the time. Beautiful wool capes are coupled with baggy pants, exquisite tricots matches with the most classic of the tartans. The conceptual and modern version of “The Little Match Girl” is just marvelous and sexier than any Kardashian.

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