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Posted on September 3, 2012 by Anna Torossi

Let’s be honest with ourselves, we say that the look doesn’t matter, that what actually matter is on the inside. But in reality we all give importance to our looks, we are concerned about what we show to other people. So, what would happen if we could change appearance every day? This is what “The Beauty Inside” explores. “The Beauty Inside” is a “social film” developed on Facebook, where the audience can create the story and also star in the lead role. Every thursday since August 16th, an episode of the story is published  online and we get a look at Alex’s life, a life haunted by a peculiar condition: every day he wakes up as a different person with all the consequences that this can imply. The story will develop in six episodes, three were already  published. Needless to say I’m already enchanted by this story. Directed by Drake Doremus, you can find “The Beauty Inside” on Facebook and Youtube.