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Posted on February 10, 2014 by Luisa Fazio

It’s considered  and classified as deer only in its name. It hasn’t antlers covered in velvety skin, nor facial glands. It doesn’t fight horn to horn to prove its strength and, in love, it doesn’t bell. The male musk deer (Moschus moschiferus) has long upper canine teeth like fangs and two restraining glands placed under its belly. Its glands contain and secrete small grains of a black, strongly odorous substance: white musk. This precious extract was already used by the ancient Romans. During mating period, musk deers sow their fragrant seeds in woods soil to mark their territory and to attract and seduce their better half. It is known that females are crazy for perfumes! Unfortunately, their bizarre “sexual call” is the real reason behind an horrendous and indiscriminate hunting. Musk sacs are required by perfume industry and by illegal market for traditional Chinese medicine. For a long time, deers haven’t  appeared among trees of forests of Asia. Their timid and suspicious being has been capture for many. Too many. We say no to animal musk and to abuse against animals.