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Posted on March 12, 2013 by Marco Maggetto

You know when you go shopping in big department stores, there is someone tending to  “new beat” zones while there is someone who says, if you want my money, you have to be known. Of course I’m a new beat kind of person. I adore new comers, and I like to experiment, I like to take the risks and I adore the never ending research of  big department store’s buyers. They are genius. They sometimes order things that have never been featured in any fashion magazine nor fashion blog risking quite a lot in these difficult times. Anyway, the new beat corner this year was full of surprises and among them I picked up this wonderful cotton t shirt that says “PRPS TOKYO NEW YORK”. I was quite surprised and curios about the association. A country, a city, one here the other there. I bought the t-shirt as a reminder, it fit perfectly btw, with the intent of researching more about the brand and here is the story. PRPS is short for Purpose. Every collection is designed by Donwan Harrell that founded the brand in New York in 2002. Harrell is a passionate about denim-wear and a painstaking researcher of  use and traditions of work-wear, military wear, hunting apparel, navy clothing. The result is jeans and casual garments that are created from top quality African cottons, and finished with expert Japanese construction techniques. The free and easy wear, the culture inside the classics of male’s wardrobe, the nostalgic vision of the American life-style with a Japanese luxury finish. All this is PRPS and yes, it was a very good pick.