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Posted on September 26, 2013 by Luca Andriani

His name recalls the sound a ball makes when it bounces on the ground. A constant sound, rhythmical, free, bouncing – thoms, thoms, thoms – always maintaining a steady pace bouncing from one place to another and becoming an almost hypnotic sound. Mr. Thoms is the artist I’m talking about. Firstly writer, painter then set designer, graphic designer, illustrator. He is today  among the people who began to decorate rooms, dusty and decaying areas of the world, of Rome, mainly with a scathing and ironic use of colors. It is well established that some environments, urban places for instance, can become for artists such as Mr. Thoms an immense sheets to vent the imagination and allow a new life. He has ever since participated in events and exhibitions in Italy and abroad and is published on several magazines of writing and graffiti. From today on, you can look at the city gazing upwards … who knows maybe you have the chance to find Mr.Thoms’ work.



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