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Posted on February 10, 2014 by Marco Maggetto

Top pieces for a top season? You like them simple and well cut, you like them minimal but hell knows if you are bored with black especially whit a warmer and happier  season coming? You like them “morbido” but at the same time you are not a fan of the potatoes sack effect? Here is what TheHarlow selected for you: a signature Peacoat Composed Flock Print shirt and a Logan Tee in bright white Paradise Print.  This two brilliant purposes from Equipment seems more than  logical, and really appropriate. Equipment was originally founded in 1976 by Christian Restoin as a ready to wear label devoted to the innovative and straightforward side of fashion. Restoin, initally producing classic and timeless men shirts, closed down his label after 20 years. But don’t worry, good things, sometimes, comes back even better. In 2010 Serge Azria, well known also for successful lines as Joie and Current/Elliot, saw a void in the contemporary women’s marketplace for this luxury shirt brand. And The Harlow saw it too.