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Posted on January 21, 2014 by Marco Maggetto

When it’s local, it’s better. When it’s a compatriot small company creating marvels 20 kilometers from where I live, it’s even better. Transit is not a new clothing line, it was acquired by Tam & Company owned by the Cozza family of Vicenza in 1994. Before that date they were producing for other brands investing all their resources in technology and experimentation and getting to be specialized in luxury production and high level clothes. In 2001 Transit Par-Such becomes Transit Uomo, designed and made in Carrè Vicenza, and still entirely made there. Dedicated to an elegant man that refuses shapes and forms of the classical “sartoria”, Transit is unconventional without being outrageous and has a gentle, almost “zen”, touch that recalls the far east. With its soft and accommodating cuts, its deconstructed jackets, its natural color palette and  top quality, Transit is already in our favorite designers list. Check them out.
Available for women as “Transit Par-Such” collection.