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Posted on January 16, 2013 by Marco Maggetto

With everyone trying to find out the last hot designer and opening special talents agencies, the world seems a happier place. Tons of newness in the air, tons of new names popping out, but what’s the point if you check this designers out 6 months later and they are disappeared? The good thing is that the new is always knocking at the door, the bad thing is that clients are romantic and they want their relationships (with designer) to last forever. MAREUNROL’S, good very good, is destined to last more than two season for sure. Having a panoramic view to their work in the last 10 years I can perceive a continuity and a strength I rarely seen on new brands. MAREUNROL’S was established in 2002 by the fashion designers Mārīte Mastiņa and Rolands Pēterkops. They are based in Riga, Latvia and winners of the 24th festival of photography and fashion Hyeres 2009. Mārīte and Rolands studied at the Riga Design Art College and Antwerp Royal Academy of Fine Arts. MAREUNROL’S collections are concept based where clothes are often accompanied by specially designed sets, video projections, installations and anything can help in revealing their concept. Their clothes can be considered avant-garde, but in reality it’s wearable fashion, it’s made for the public and made to generate emotions.


I like them a lot, I like the fact that they are not obvious nor pretentious. They are not trying to be perfect but pleasant, and the dream is a big component of their work. For sure they are trying to re-design the male and female approach to fashion , but they are not doing it by changing the color of a sole or sending a men in pink accessorizes down the catwalk: that what big brands are doing. Behind MAREUNROL’S, there is fair much more than a marketing campaign.