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Posted on May 16, 2012 by Isabella Cecconi

Who is Sarah Illenberger? An illustrator? A graphic designer? A photographer? Words may be reductive to define this eclectic artist whose work ranges in different fields of visual and applied arts. Her amazing genius resides in her inner capability to create the extraordinary out of the ordinary. German and talented, Sarah Illenberger, creates crafted object combining an array of different materials. Her works is a piercing sneak through design and everyday life, a vivid journey into humorous images, big or small, abstract or real. Defining her work in just one category is rather impossible. Illenberger touches all forms of visual, design, abstract, reality. Her creations are mostly made by meticulous handwork than computer. She intersects photography, art with analog handicraft, bounding and incorporating materials, love, colored tablets and beating life. Her creations are with humorous touch and love for detail. By using paper, textile, and many different items, she develops concepts for editorial as well as commercial clients. Hers is a visionary look and this, is an official invitation to discover her work.