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Posted on June 13, 2012 by Marco Maggetto

For how long have I been knowing 72Smalldive?  I was still in my blogging archeological period and they seemed so attrictive to me, and they still are. It’s always nice to see them along the walk, they are always the same inspired guys designing and creating one of the best accessory line I’ve ever seen. During these years, this brand has remained brilliant and fiathful to its  statement. With Whisper collection, the label has taken a journey to return to intimacy. The concept of Whisper sums up the label’s aspiration to impart intimacy through design. Three basic human desires, that are often hidden away in the dark corners of our hearts, are Braille coded using rivets inserted on handmade shoulder bags and clutches. This experience was brought to another newly adopted workshop to create a complementary line of hand battered old plated and enameled brass cuffs (center) that express the same core desires. 72 Smalldive  is an essential and exclusive address  for  the  knowing. At  72 Smalldive, refuge is offered to  the sharp dresser,  lush living, über class souls who  are wearied  by a seemingly endless swarm  of mediocrities masquerading as luxury. There, concepts of  life’s pleasures and comforts  are rigorouslly challenged, sought for, and redefined. 72Smalldive aims to build  a deluxe nook  where  speculative  philosophy  meets passion  so  that an indefinitely  lasting style can be conceived.