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Posted on September 24, 2012 by Marco Maggetto

So Autumn is here. So this is the very last call to organize your winter wardrobe and you will need, for sure, a new wool jumper. What’s warmer than wool, what’s better than a material that let your body transpire? Would you really want to wear one of those low cost jumpers made of strange fibers to find yourself entrapped in a swimming cap? I repeat, it’s autumn. You can buy any summer item from those low costs brands but don’t you dare to buy a jumper, you will be disappointed. I had been trying it often: at touch it’s emery, when you wash it once it then looks scruffy. Shoulders  are cut following the measures of a midget  (to save material). It can be good to clean your wood floor but for that you can buy a Swiffer Dust, it works better. Just remember that wool is a precious material, it has a cost. Just visualize the process to obtain it, the work behind it and you will understand that it’s not possible to buy anything comparable to wool for 29.99 euros. It’s not the case of Wolsey which produces in England since 1755. The factory founded in Leicester had been a  pioneer in  techniques developed during the Industrial Revolution and gained  the Royal Warrant since 1935 in recognition of the quality of their garments, and commitment to service to the Royal Household. They  also have clothed some of Britain’s bravest and most inspirational men; explorers, soldiers. Today they  continues to craft clothing for men  and drawing on their extensive archive of original military, labour, sport, and expedition clothing classic.  Great conquers are on Wolsey resume but it’s needless to count them here, if you buy a jumper from them (it’s a reasonable price, very reasonable) you will wear it for many years and won’t regret the price. Saving is not buying a swimmer cap jumper, it’s investing on good, classic, warm wool.